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Run your own Bitcoin Node! It's not hard just do it!

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Bitcoin's Lightning Network: Why It's Changing The World (+ Free Bitcoin Giveaway)

Get 10 Satoshis on Lightning Network FREE for watching this video (seriously)! If you've been aro…
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How to SAFELY Use Your Bitcoin Lightning Node On-The-Go

If we really want Bitcoin Lightning Network to grow in adoption, we need to actually USE it in the r…
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The Most Powerful App For Your Bitcoin Lightning Node... EVER!

What if I told you that with one click of one app that is already available on your Bitcoin Lightnin…
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Nunchuk Tutorial: Collaborative Bitcoin Multisig Made Easy

Today we explore Nunchuk, an open-source Bitcoin wallet featuring encrypted end-to-end chat for faci…
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I Automated My Bitcoin Lightning Network Node... Here's What Happened

For the last two months, my Bitcoin lightning network node has been running fully autonomously. In t…
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Boltcard Extension Demo (Bitcoin NFC Tap and Pay Payments)

Create and manage LNURL powered NFC cards (NTAG 424), that create a fresh withdraw for each merchant…
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Bitcoin Crowdfunding: How To Receive & Give Uncensorable Donations

Today we take a look at two options for crowdfunding with Bitcoin: Tallycoin & Geyser! Supporting bo…
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⚡️ How to Get Started With Bitcoin Lightning Network

Let's be honest. Bitcoin's Lightning Network can be super confusing - even if you're a seasoned Bitc…
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BOLT 12 & The Bitcoin Lightning Network

In today's video we take a closer look at the BOLT 12 (Offers) specification for the bitcoin lightni…
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Get A Lightning Network Address... Direct To Your Bitcoin Full Node!

One of the biggest err.. "challenges" for people to get their head around when it comes to Bitcoin L…
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The World's Smallest Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

Greetings, Honeybadgers! In this video, I review the exciting new hardware wallet by Tangem, a ne…
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Open Source Stage - Full Livestream - #Bitcoin 2022 Conference

Open Source Stage - Full Livestream - #Bitcoin 2022 Conference #bitcoin #bitcoinmagazine #bitcoin20…
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BTCPay Server Tutorial: How To Accept Bitcoin As Payment Or Donation

In today's video we discuss BTCPay Server setup and how to accept bitcoin as payment or crowdfund bi…
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COLDCARD Seed XOR - Robust Bitcoin Backup

Seed XOR backups with the Coldcard wallet can allow for a more robust and physical duress-resistant …
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LIGHTNING SESSION: Liquid Network Explained

What is the Liquid Network? And why might you want to use it? Explained in 2 minutes!
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What is the Lightning Network? - Intermediate Level - 2 of 2 Multisig

EVERYTHING LIGHTNING! Lightning Network Video guides are WEEKLY! Please subscribe to catch all th…
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Lightning Guides - Balance of Satoshis and Dual Funded Channels

NOW my Lightning Network Video guides are WEEKLY! Please subscribe to catch all the latest. Node run…
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Lightning Guides - "Mark Seen" Invoice - Fully Noded and Umbrel - 1-time Invoice

EVERYTHING LIGHTNING! NOW my Lightning Network Video guides are WEEKLY! Please subscribe to catch…
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TDEX - Mobile Wallet and Dex For Liquid Bitcoin and Liquid Assets

TDex is a mobile app for iOS and Android that allows users to send, receive and swap Liquid Bitcoin …
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Samourai Wallet Tutorial (Plus New Whirlpool UI!)

In today's video I cover Samourai Wallet, a privacy-focused Bitcoin mobile wallet with Whirlpool coi…
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Tutorial - Basics Node Management

Willkommen zu einem weiteren Einundzwanzig Podcast Video von uns und unserer Community! In diesem ku…
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The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous | Audiobook

The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous
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Why & How to Run a Bitcoin/Lightning Node w/ MyNode

Why running your own node increases privacy and control. Demos of using a trezor hardware wallet thr…
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How to Loop Out to get Lightning Inbound Liquidity on RTL and Command Line 

Demonstrate how to create a channel and then get inbound liquidity or remote balance using Loop Out …