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Immersion Mining and Waste Heat Reclamation

This channel is dedicated to ASIC immersion in dielectric oils for cooling of ASICs as well as reclaiming that waste heat and putting it to practical applications such as heating living/working spaces, pools, or anything that could benefit from up to 60C/140F of heat.

Also will discuss overclocking in oil, as well as strategies for expelling heat in different methods.
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Decibel reading from immersion tank

This is a Decibel reading from a prototype immersion tank I've been designing, the Hotbox Liu. This…
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Steaming hot pool in sub-zero weather in Minnesota, heated by ASIC waste heat

Smaller pool setup for sub-0F weather in Minnesota. After a few months, the pool is actually too sma…
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Oil immersion cooling of ASICs to heat a large swimming pool

16'x32'x52" (around 17,000 gallons) swimming pool entirely heated by ASIC miner waste. Summer 2021
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Back to basics - Testing flow and radiator capacity

I wanted to do some experimenting with only a single miner in a 10 gallon tank to see how far I coul…
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