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A collection of interviews about Bitcoin, Liberty, and common sense in the Digital Age.
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#502: How Bitcoin Fixes Elections with Carliño

Marty sits down with Carliño to discuss the events that led to Simple Proof and bitcoin being used t…
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#500: Investigating Fiat Food with Matthew Lysiak

Marty sits down with Matthew Lysiak to discuss his new book, Fiat Food. Matthew on Twitter: https:/…
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#499: Debt Slavery and the Carbon Credit Coup with Whitney Webb and Mark Goodwin

Marty sits down with Whitney Webb and Mark Goodwin to discuss the latest methods employed by the dig…
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#498: Musings Of A “Right Wing Radical” with Ben Braddock

Marty sits down with Ben Braddock to discuss everything from micro to macro. Ben on Twitter: https…
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#497: Bitcoin Will Power Up The Future Of Finance with Andrew Hohns

Marty sits down with Andrew Hohns to discuss how Bitcoin changes the world of finance. https://www…
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#496: The World’s First Blue Light Free Computer with Anjan Katta & Tristan Scott

Marty sits down with Anjan Katta and Tristan Scott to discuss the Daylight computer. Anjan on Twit…
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#495: What’s REALLY Going On In The Oil Wars with Anas Alhajji

Marty sits down with Anas Alhajji to discuss the many facets of the global conflict over energy. A…
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#494: Adding Fifteen Years To Your Life with P.D. Mangan

Marty sits down with P.D. Mangan to discuss metabolic health, the consequences of easy fixes, fiat f…
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#493: Fixing Big Ag with Jeff Smith

Marty sits down with Jeff Smith to discuss the state of ranching and the agriculture industry. Col…
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#492: Open Source AI Is Winning with NVK

Marty sits down with NVK to discuss Coinkite, AI, tradeoffs in bitcoin, and more. NVK on Twitter: …
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#491: Bitcoin Urbanism with Tuur Demeester, Kelly Lannan & Austin Tunnell

Marty sits down with the Tuur, Kelly and Austin after the Bitcoin Urbanism panel for an extended cha…
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#490: How Woke Took Over America with Andrew Gutmann

Marty sits down with Andrew Gutmann to discuss his Substack article on the link between fiat money a…
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#489: Bitcoin Fixes Scientific Peer Review with Kevin McKernan

Marty sits down with Kevin McKernan to discuss covid jabs and how Bitcoin can be leveraged to incent…
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#488: Freedom Money Will Revive Rural America with Dr. Brooke Miller

Marty sits down with Dr. Brooke Miller to discuss the damage of mRNA vaccines, the media's attacks o…
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#487: Bitcoin Mining Industry v. Elizabeth Warren with Pierre Rochard

Marty sits down with Pierre Rochard to discuss the mining industry's response to the EIA registry. …
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#486: How Bitcoin Can Solve The Competency Crisis with Axel Raven

Marty sits down with Axel Raven to discuss the the root causes of the competency crisis in fiat curr…
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#485: Will Bitcoin Hit $1,000,000 This Cycle? with Tuur Demeester

Marty sits down with Tuur Demeester the bull run, the mindsets that perpetuate controlling regimes, …
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#484: Bitcoin And The Long March with Ben Hart

Marty sits down with Ben Hart to discuss his recent viral popularity, victim culture, and the hope B…
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#482: Freedom Fighters Need Bitcoin with Lyudmyla Kozlovska & Bota Jardemalie

Marty sits down with Lyudmyla Kozlovska and Bota Jardemalie to discuss activism against the EU regul…
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#480: Bitcoin Mining State Of The Union with Harry Sudock

Marty sits down with Harry Sudock to discuss Griid's Nasdaq listing, Harry joining Ten31 as an advis…
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#479: Socialist Attack On Bitcoin Mining with Jason Brett

Marty sits down with Jason Brett to discuss the EIA action to surveil Bitcoin miners and its wider i…