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A collection of interviews about Bitcoin, Liberty, and common sense in the Digital Age.
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#451: UTXOracle with Steve Jeffress & Daniel Hinton

Marty sits down with Steve and Daniel to discuss UTXOracle, a way to estimate Bitcoin's price using …
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#448: Opt Out Of Keynesian Brainrot with Godfrey Bloom

Marty sits down with Godfrey Bloom to discuss the corruption of the world by central banks and the c…
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#447: Biowarfare In The 21st Century with Sam Husseini

Marty sits down with Sam Husseini to discuss his journalistic history and findings surrounding Covid…
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#446: The State of the Lightning Network with Matt Corallo

Marty sits down with Matt Corallo to discuss the state of the Lightning Network. Matt on Twitter: …
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#444: Fiat Ruins Everything with Jimmy Song

Marty sits down with Jimmy Song to discuss his new book Fiat Ruins Everything. Jimmy on Twitter: ht…
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#437: History Doesn't Rhyme, It Repeats with Dave Collum and Rudy Havenstein

Marty sits down with Dave Collum and Rudy Havenstein and tries to keep Marty Jones under control. D…
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#434: Capital in the 21st Century with Allen Farrington

Marty sits down with Allen Farrington from Axiom to discuss his perspective on capital allocation an…
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#431: Payjoin Dev Dit with Dan Gould

Marty sits down with Dan Gould to discuss Payjoin Dev Kit, how coinjoins protect privacy, and the ex…
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#428: Examining BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF with Townsend Lansing

Marty sits down with Townsend Lansing to discuss BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF. Townsend on Twitter: http…