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Welcome to Opt Out, where I sit down with passionate people to learn why privacy matters to them, the tools and techniques they’ve found and leveraged, and where we encourage and inspire others towards personal privacy and data-sovereignty.

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How FediMints could ease onboarding and privacy in Bitcoin w/ Eric Sirion and Matt Odell

This episode, we're sitting down with Eric Sirion and Matt Odell to chat about FediMints, a fas…
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Special: Live YouTube Q&A!

Welcome to the first ever live Q&A on Opt Out! We covered a ton of topics ranging from personal …
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Private messaging via Session w/ Kee Jefferys

Looking to explore alternatives to Signal and heard of Session, but not sure what sets it apart? Thi…
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Anonymous SIM cards via Silent.Link

Have you been struggling to find ways to get a usable and long-lasting phone number without giving u…
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Monerotopia conference special w/ Douglas Tuman

This episode, we're taking a break from the normal structure of Opt Out to focus on a conferenc…
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Self-hosted search via Whoogle w/ Ben Busby

Looking for a privacy-preserving and light-weight search tool that you can self-host? This episode, …
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Taking back your data via Nextcloud w/ Jos Poortvliet

Looking for a solution to get off of Google or Apple's walled ecosystem and take back control o…
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Network privacy via i2p w/ idk and Sadie

Have you heard about i2p but aren't sure where it fits into your network privacy toolkit? This …
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Managing passwords via Bitwarden w/ Ryan Luibrand

Looking for the right tool for password management, but wanting something that's open-source an…
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Private search via Startpage w/ Kelly Finnerty

Have you been considering a more privacy-preserving search engine but not sure where to start? This …
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Application firewalls w/ David and Daniel from Safing.io

Heard about application firewalls and tools like Little Snitch on Mac, but not sure where to start? …
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Network privacy via Tor w/ Isabela Bagueros from the Tor Project

Wanting to get a better grasp of what the Tor network can do for your privacy, and what it can'…
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Bear Arms N' Bitcoin conference special w/ Ragnar Lifthasir

This episode, we're taking a break from the normal structure of Opt Out to focus on a conferenc…
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Privacy-preserving networks w/ Harry Halpin from Nym

Wondering what's coming in the network anonymity and privacy space, or what alternatives are ou…
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Securing your Bitcoin w/ Zach Herbert from FOUNDATION

Wondering how you can secure and spend your Bitcoin without trusting a centralized wallet or softwar…
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Privacy on Bitcoin w/ Samourai Wallet

Wondering how you can manage to use Bitcoin privately? This episode, we're sitting down with Sa…
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Clean up your data online w/ Rob Shavell from DeleteMe

Wondering how to take back control of the data captured by data brokers before you started taking pr…
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Email aliasing w/ Son from SimpleLogin

Heard about email aliasing but not sure where to start? This episode, we're sitting down with S…
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Privacy education, funding, and Apple w/ Sun Knudsen

Wondering why someone decides to do privacy education and research full-time? This episode, we'…
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Sponsor Special w/ Viktor Vecsei from IVPN

Wanting to find a solid VPN provider, but struggling to break through all of the marketing fluff and…
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A Bitcoiner's journey towards privacy w/ BitcoinQnA

Wondering what drives normal people to focus on FOSS? This episode, we're sitting down with QnA…
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Personal responsibility in privacy, FOSS funding models, and Bitcoin w/ Matt Odell

Wondering why FOSS and privacy have become such a focus for Matt Odell and Citadel Dispatch, or want…
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Balancing privacy with mental health, plus second realms w/ j43

Wondering how to find the right balance of privacy and convenience, or struggling with the mental st…
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Global surveillance, VPNs, and Tor w/ Smuggler

Wondering how global surveillance could realistically work, or how VPNs can play a role in your priv…
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