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What Happened to $220K Bitcoin? Max Keiser Says No Damage Done, Reveals 2023 Forecast

"Sam Bankman-Fried ran out of runway, it's similar to Bernie Madoff and also the 2008 financial cris…
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The Fed Will Continue to Destroy Your Wealth as It Fails to Fight Inflation

With their monetary policy, "the Fed is not able to affect the most sticky parts of the economy yet,…
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The Fed and ECB Are ‘Choking’ the Economy; Horrific Winter Awaits Europe: Alf Peccatiello

"Finally we got a slowdown in the momentum of inflation," says Alfonso Peccatiello, publisher of fin…
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“These Are Scary Times,” How Ukraine Will Fast Track the Great Reset | Stansberry Research

"We have a war between the East and the West with sanctions to punish Russia," says Willem Middelkoo…
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Bitcoin Price is Just a Distraction, Ultimately Will Be Last Asset Standing | Stansberry Research

As long as the growth and development of Bitcoin's network continues, "the short-term price is a dis…
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Max Keiser Says His $220,000 Bitcoin Call Is Coming, Plans to Exit Gold and Silver Completely

"The demand for Bitcoin is virtually infinite," as fiat money trends towards zero, says Max Keiser o…
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Prepare for Financial Disaster in 2022, Warns Forecaster Gerald Celente | Outlook 2022

"The real inflation rate is about 15%," cites Gerald Celente, Trends Journal Founder. When the Feder…
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Robert Kiyosaki: Financial Tragedy Is Coming, Proof Is Euro/Dollar System Collapsing

The real yield curve is the EUR/USD curve and it's signaling the worst crash of them all, says b…
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Money Is Dying: You Need to Take Cash Out of Banks and the System, Urges Willem Middelkoop

We are enduring the "Super Inflation Crisis," which differs from hyperinflation, and is interconnect…
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Massive Inflation, Currency Debasement Cannot Be Ignored Any Longer | Willem Middelkoop

"We will have massive problem with inflation very soon," urges The Big Reset author Willem Midddelko…
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Crisis Ahead: ECB Preps for Larger Monetary Reset via Digital Currency Warns Willem Middelkoop

The European Central Bank is looking to roll out a digital version of its currency within the next f…
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Bitcoin vs Gold: The Great Debate with Michael Saylor and Frank Giustra

It's the showdown that everyone has been waiting for. Gold financier Frank Giustra versus MicroS…
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