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Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other proof of work mining news related to the cryptocurrency industry.

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INTERVIEW: The Future Of Mining Hardware

The hardware game is becoming more competitive, with new entrants like Jack Dorsey’s Block, Marathon…
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NEWS: Riot’s Short Report, CoreWeave’s $1 Billion Offer and BitDeer’s ASIC Play

Will and Charlie dig into this week’s Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining news, including the short report le…
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INTERVIEW: Europe’s Bitcoin Mining Rubicon

Today we’re joined by Sven Hildebrandt and Frederik Vyncke of the European Bitcoin Mining Associatio…
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INTERVIEW: What You Need To Know About Bitcoin Mining With Shanon Squires

What’s happening in the Bitcoin mining market? Did the halving bring us into a new landscape? And ho…
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INTERVIEW: Laser Eyes Stay On With Allen Farrington | The Gwart Show

We're off at Consensus 2024 so we're airing one of our favorite shows from The Gwart Show, one of ou…
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INTERVIEW: How Miners Should Think About Ordinals With Mike Hamilton

Chief Research Officer at Bitcoin miner Griid, Mike Hamilton is an experienced & well-known Bitc…
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NEWS: Venezuela Bans Bitcoin Mining (Again)?

Welcome back to The Mining Pod! On today’s news roundup, we discuss Bitcoin mining stocks, Venezuela…
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Oklahoma’s Pro-Bitcoin Legislation

Welcome back to The Mining Pod! On today’s show, we’re joined by Storm Rund of the Oklahoma Bitcoin …
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National Security Threat? Biden Blocks Bitcoin Miner

Matt Kimmell and Will Foxley of Blockspace Media jump into this week’s Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining ne…
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The Post-Halving Bitcoin Mining Market With Taras Kulyk

Taras Kulyk, CEO of Sunnyside Digital, one of the largest hardware distributors in North America, jo…
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Behind The MEV Mask With Dean Eigenmann

Dean Eigenmann, a Miner Extractable Value (MEV) searcher, joins The Gwart Show to give an insiders l…
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Difficulty Drop, Arkansas Mining Bans and AI Mining Pivots

In this week’s Mining Pod, Will and Matt dig into Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining news including: difficu…
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Is Bitcoin Mining Centralized? With Peter Todd

Chapter Markers:00:00:00 Start00:02:35 Open Timestamps does election fraud00:07:19 Timestamp the int…
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It’s Name Was OP_CAT

In this week’s Mining Pod, Charlie, Matt, Will and special guest Walt Smith of Cyber Fund discuss th…
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Saving Small Town America With Bitcoin Mining

In this week’s Mining Pod, we talk with the Galaxy Digital Bitcoin mining team about their Helios Bi…
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The $2.1 Million ‘Epic’ Bitcoin Satoshi

We go through this week’s news in Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining, including ViaBTC’s 33.3 BTC auction re…
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Why The Bitcoin Halving Matters With Alex Gladstein and Diverter

Alex Gladstein of the Human Rights Foundation and Diverter, a pseudonymous Bitcoiner known for his n…
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The Bitcoin Halving Episode

Matt, Will and Charlie dig into this week’s biggest news stories ahead of the Bitcoin halving, where…
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Bitcoin Mining’s Q1 Numbers With Parker Merritt

Parker Merritt from Coin Metrics and Will Foxley discuss key metrics, trends, and insights in Bitcoi…
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Are Mining Pools Political Targets?

Matt, Charlie and Will discuss Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining news, from Bitmain’s large US operations t…
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Bitcoin Mining: Get Poor Slow? With Steve Barbour

Steve Barbour, owner of Bitcoin mining and oil and gas services company Upstream Data, joins the sho…
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Taiwan’s Earthquake, Franklin Templeton on Ordinals and Poolin’s Asset Sale

Welcome to the news roundup! Today we chat about potential delays to TSMCs chip production from the …