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A Boy Named Pseu

Phil Gibson (AKA:Mr. Pseu) covers everything Bitcoin: entrepreneurship, tech, history/current events, economics, and innovations to free your mind and embrace sovereignty.
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ABNP - 007 The Creature from Jekyll Island - Book Review Chapter 2: THE NAME OF THE GAME IS BAILOUT

On this episode of A Boy Named Pseu, Phil and Uncle Jim review chapter 2 of The Creature From Jekyll…
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The Creature from Jekyll Island - Book Review: Chapter 1

On this episode of A Boy Named Pseu, Phil and Uncle Jim start the inaugural episode for the book rev…
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ABNP - 005 Alex Kaufman - The Road To Hyperbitcoinization

On this episode of A Boy Named Pseu, Phil chats with Alex Kaufman about all things macro, Bitcoin, a…
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ABNP 004 - BIP 119 OP_CTV with Guy Swann and John Carvalho

Phil talks with Guy Swann and John Carvalho about BIP 119 OP_CTV, a potential soft fork to the Bitco…
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Nicholas Gregory of Mercury Wallet

Nicholas Gregory  of CommerceBlock joins me today to discuss the ins and out of his project Mercury …
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Elon Musk Is Wrong: With @LukeMikic21

I chatted with @LukeMikic21 of the Fix the Money podcast. We discuss the Elon Musk news, and Luke’s …
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The US says NO To DAVOS and The Great Reset (Me on @LukeMikic21’s FTM)

I chatted with @LukeMikic21 on the Fix the Money podcast. We discuss my rabbit hole story, the Fed v…
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Xoaquin Flores: Russian History and Preserving Nation States

Enjoy Part 2 of my conversation with Xoaquin Flores.  Xoaquin Flores is a geopolitical analyst at th…
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Astroturfing the Global Million: Recap of Part 1 with Joaquin Flores (PHILosophy Session)

I do a Live Stream recap of my interview with Xoaquin Flores.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDIPz…
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Tom Luongo: The LIBOR Twist

Tom Luongo joins me once again to discuss: - his updated thesis on Davos vs the Fed - The Russian R…
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Xoaquin Flores: On Social Uprisings and Astroturfing

Xoaquin Flores is a geopolitical analyst at the Strategic Culture Foundation, and hosts the telegram…
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Salutations, sat-stackers and kin! Today's episode is well-overdue. I read my article on WHY JEROME …
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MitchKlee vs RayDalio on Bitcoin and the Changing World Order

Mitch Klee discusses his tweet  (retweeted by Jack Dorsey)criticizing hedge fund manager, Ray Dalio,…
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Mike Hobart: Russian Bitcoin Adoption & The Global Arms Race

Mike Hobart chats Bitcoin Russian adoption, geopolitics, resources, and hash wars. Check out his ar…
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Dr. Jeff Ross on Tightening Monetary Policy and Bitcoin

Dr. Jeff Ross is a Retired MD and Founder/CEO of Vailshire Capital Management. I invited Jeff on the…
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Bitcoin Salvation with @LaserHodl

In this first ever live recording on Twitter Spaces, I have @LaserHodl come on the podcast to chat: …
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Sam Callahan on the BIS & Bitcoin

Sam Callahan joins the show to chat about his research on the Bank of International Settlements. We …
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Mark Goodwin: On Bitcoin & Disrupting the Entertainment Industry

Mark Goodwin joins the show to talk: - His Bitcoin Journey - Bitcoin and the Artist - Disrupting …
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Scott Horton: 2021 Foreign Policy Year In Review

Scott Horton reviews 2021's year of Foreign Policy. We cover all things: - Afghanistan - Somalia …
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The Third Annual Christmas Special With Rollo McFloogle

Rollo (Now Liberty Mugs on Twiiter because he got banned) joins me for A Boy Named Pseu's Third Annu…
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Mario Gibney

Mario and I talk about: - His Bitcoin Journey - Education - Working at Blockstream - Working at …
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Pete Quinones On What Must Be Done For Liberty

Pete and I talk about: - Hoppe - The culture war - covid-911 - Bitcoin - secession and then so…
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Lord Part II

Download Episode on My Website: pgibs.io Download Episode on PodBean Download Episode on Medium F…
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Lord Fusitu‘a

Lord Fusitu'a sits down to chat: - History of Tonga - How nations expand influence - How the Worl…