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POV Crypto Podcast: Your Crypto Echo-Chamber Dies Here.

Industry insiders David Hoffman and Christian Keroles, explore the markets, news, and interesting topics in cryptocurrency. POV Crypto offers listeners a diverse range of perspective from their experience living this brave new blockchain world.

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BTC VS ETH in a BULL on Twitter Spaces.

CK and David are back from a long break to discuss BTC and ETH on the verge of another crazy bull ma…
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Regulation, NFTs, EIP1559, and the China CBDC

Join CK and David as they sync their nodes on a catch-up episode of PoV!
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The Physical and The Digital Collide - POV Crypto

Join CK and David Hoffman as they meet for a rare in person POV Crypto. For this episode, we catch y…
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Miami Bitcoin 2021 Reflections

David and Christian catch up after Bitcoin 2021 Follow David @TrustlessState Follow ck @ck_SNARKs
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Understanding the World via Crypto: A Chill POV

David and Christian catch up and discuss what it's like to be in crypto vs the outside world, and go…
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What is Sound Money - Fight Night

CK and David discuss Bitcoin, Ethereum and what makes sound money Follow David @TrustlessState Follo…
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Debating Bitcoin Security and Ultra Sound Money

This week CK confronts David about a recent episode of Bankless with Justin Drake and the Ultra Soun…
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The World is Waking up to the Power of Crypto

CK and David discuss how BTC, NFTs, and DeFi are opening up to a more and more general audience. We …
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Laser-Eyes, NFTs, and Crypto-Religions

David and Christian meet to discuss some of the recent social dynamics in the crypto-communities.  C…
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Chaos and Fragility

This week for POV Crypto Ck and David discuss last week's crazy markets around GME and the fall out.…
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Bull Market Mentality

David and ck discuss how to think and approach the bull market, Debate energy usage and PoW, Debate …
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Debating DeFi Season and the Center of Crypto

Join ck and David Hoffman as they discuss the latest musings in the crypto markets and debate the co…
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Fight Night: Money, the State, and YOU

Join Christian and David as they talk about the relationship between the state, the people, and the …
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MicroCHADegy, ETH 2 Staking, StableACT

David and Christian discuss Microstrategy and whats going on behind the scenes there, as well as oth…
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172 - ETH 2 Launch BTC ATH

CK and David discuss the launch of Eth 2 and BTC pushing up against all time highs.   
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171 - Fight Night: How to be Bullish, Thanksgiving Edition

David and CK have a conversation about the state of the industry, and express their excitement about…
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170 - Trading ETH/BTC with Kyle Davies of Three Arrows

Join ck and David as they host high powered traders Kyle Davis of Three Arrows back on to the show. …
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169 - Bitcoin and the 4th Turning | Brandon Quittem

Brandon Quittem, friend of the pod, recently wrote a piece called 'Bitcoin and the Rhythms of Histor…
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168 - Fight Night - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Fat Protocol, and SBF attacks DeFI

Jon ck and David as the debate this weeks hottest topics and well dive deep into the Bitcoin and Eth…
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167 - Drumrolling the Decaying Dollar (+ an ETH 2.0 chaser)

David and Christian discuss how some long-time Bitcoiner thesis have manifest into reality from the …
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166 - Fight Night - The Rise and Fall of the Dollar

Are you ready for another POV Crypto Fight Night? This week, CK and David discuss hot stories in Bit…
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165 - Worlds Colide: Dollar vs BitMex; DeFi tokens vs Centralization, Trump vs COVID

Uncle Sam goes after BitMex. The US Government vs Bitcoin.  8 Year aniversary of US vs Ross Ulbricht…
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