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Humans of Bitcoin

Humans of Bitcoin tells the stories of people whose lives have been impacted by cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
Guests range from activists and refugees to artists and entrepreneurs.

At Humans of Bitcoin, we just want to know how cryptocurrency is changing people’s lives, and why.
Hosted by Matt Aaron. Part of the Bitcoin.com podcast network.
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Culture, Maximalism, KYC, + ShapeShift - Erik Voorhees

"What that means is it's a grey area.... We wanted to be patient and see the token models that worke…
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A Crypto Fund that Holds 0 BTC - Justin Bons

Even though Anthony Pompliano's Morgan Creek Digital holds BCH as it's 3rd largest asset, he'll rare…
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Fighting Equifax, Data Privacy - Reuben Metcalfe

In 2017, the bitcoin community was outraged by the extreme negligence of Equifax in one of the large…
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Money, Politics and Decentralized Governence - Santi.Eth of Democracy Earth

The inflation rate in Argentina is currently at 55% per year. It's not a surprise that bitcoin has a…
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Ethereum, Stablecoins, Tokens - Lawson Baker

This is the first of a two part special on the Ethereum ecosystem. Lawson Baker has a weapon is his …
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Bringing BCH to Global Financial Institutions - Dave Shin

For a long time (in crypto terms) Bitcoin Cash has been largely ignored by institutional investors. …
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Running against Pelosi, Bitcoin, The Fed + the Silk Road - Agatha Bacelar

An engineer running for Congress in San Fran, Agatha offers a unique skillset and ideas not found in…
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Lessons from the Largest PR Firm in Crypto - David Wachsman

An inside look at Wachsman - The public relations arm for top crypto companies like Bitmex, Kraken, …
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From CoinDesk to CoinSpice - Peter Ryan

Filmmaker, researcher, and cryptocurrency advocate Peter Ryan talks about growth marketing for Bitco…
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Andreas Brekken on Coding, Bitcoin and Liberty (Sideshift.ai)

Andreas shares his thoughts on global politics and finance and ties it back to bitcoin. Learn why hi…
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How bitcoin fits into the banking system - Sean Walsh (Part 2)

Back for part 2 with Sean. We conclude this conversation with Sean's thoughts on Bitcoin as a compli…
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Bitcoin for better money, civilization - Sean Walsh (Part 1)

Running a publicly traded mining company, Sean has to defend bitcoin to the public. He defines what …
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The new CEO of Bitcoin.com and Dan of Cred

The appointment of Stefan Rust as CEO of Bitcoin.com surprised many in the industry. How does his le…
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Emin Gun Sirer on Bitcoin Folklore, Twitter, POW and AVA

Emin Gun Sirer is arguably the most prominent professor in the Bitcoin ecosphere. Teaching computer …
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A Rare Interview with the CEO of Blockchain.com - Peter Smith

One of the oldest companies in the space, Blockchain.com has staying power. With over 40 million dow…
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A look at Binance from the outside - Sam Feldman

Sam Feldman is an internet entrepreneur. Like many, he is fascinated by crypto. His recent, comprehe…
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Binance, The Fastest Unicorn - Gin Chao CSO

"The real story, we believe, is that Binance is probably the fastest profitable startup to achieve u…
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Real Life Bond Villain as Satoshi + Investigative Journalism w/ Evan Ratliff

Paul Le Roux, subject of the book and future TV series The Mastermind, is a real life bond villain. …
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Ecommerce, Travel + Cryptocurrency - Matt of Travala

One thing that stands out in the crazy world of bitcoin is how little conversation is dedicated to s…
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The BCH Youth Movement - Christian of Bitcoin Cast

Something obvious but not always stated: If we want worldwide adoption Today's youth must be involve…
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Life as head of the Bitcoin.com mining pool - Shaun Chong

Another Bitcoin.com team member joins the show. We double down on mining. Following up our interview…
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Money in China and an Inside Look at Bitmain - Nishant Sharma

Nishant Sharma leads Bitmain's international PR and community relations strategy. Preparing for the …
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Darknet Markets + The Bitcoin News Cycle - Kai Sedgwick

Kai is humble and he wouldn't say it, but I will: Kai is one of the top writers in the cryptocurrenc…
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Liberland, Belize, Transformation - Adam Carswell

We tell all types of stories on Humans of Bitcoin. This one is about the transformation of a young m…
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