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Authlete and Making OAuth Accessible with Justin Richer

OAuth is an open standard for access delegation. It lets users grant websites or applications access…
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Netflix Engineering with Jay Phelps

Today, you can access Netflix on virtually any device. For a Netflix user, this seamless experience …
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Data Applications on Snowflake with Daniel Myers

Snowflake is one of the most prominent platforms for interacting with data and building data-intensi…
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Bonus Episode: Optimizing Nintendo 64 Code with Kaze Emanuar

Kaze Emanuar is a ROM hacker who’s famous for the array of mods he’s made for Super Mari…
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A Semantic Layer for Data with Artyom Keydunov

Managing data and access to data is one of the biggest challenges that a company can face. It’s comm…
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Developing Blasphemous II with David Erosa and Dani Márquez

Blasphemous and Blasphemous II are Metroidvania action-adventure games developed by the Spanish stud…
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Building the PyCharm IDE at JetBrains with Paul Everitt

Python is famed for it’s intuitive syntax, powerful standard library, and rich ecosystem of packages…
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Tonic and Synthetic Data with Andrew Colombi and Adam Kamor

All robust technology platforms require testing to ensure that features work as intended. In many ca…
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Netlify and Edge Computing with Erica Pisani

Netlify is a popular hosting platform that provides build, deploy, and serverless backend services f…
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C# Compiler and Language Design at Microsoft with Jared Parsons

Language and compiler design are fundamental aspects of computer science. High-level languages are h…
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Biotech Special: Life Science Data Analysis with Nicholas Larus-Stone

Sphinx Bio develops computational tools to accelerate scientific discovery. The company is focused o…
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VMware’s Spring AI with Ryan Morgan and Mark Pollack

Java is one of the top programming languages used today and Java code is ubiquitous. A key factor to…
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Going Open Source at Convex with James Cowling

Convex is a serverless backend platform to simplify fullstack application development. Its underlyin…
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Biotech Special: Computational Drug Discovery with Patrick Finneran

Proteins are nanomachines inside cells and perform the incredible array of tasks required for cells …
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Design at GitHub Copilot with Adrián Mato Gondelle

GitHub Copilot is an AI tool to assist software developers by autocompleting code. It is no understa…
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Biometric Authentication with Vincent Delitz

Corbado is an authentication platform that provides APIs for developers to replace passwords with pa…
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Biotech Special: Life Sciences at Snowflake with Harini Gopalakrishnan

The growing use of large datasets and ML in the life sciences has created new demand for data techno…
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Iceberg at Netflix and Beyond with Ryan Blue

Apache Iceberg is an open source high-performance format for huge data tables. Iceberg enables the u…
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Bringing Godot to Mobile with Hein-Pieter van Braam

Godot is a free, open-source game engine that’s growing rapidly in popularity. Ramatak is a ne…
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Biotech Special: Scientific Computing Pipelines with Evan Floden

NextFlow is a tool for managing scientific computation workflows. It’s increasingly popular for bioi…
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Stately with Laura Kalbag

Stately is a web-based drag and drop editor for collaboratively developing code, diagrams, and docum…
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Graphical Photorealism with Andrew Price the Blender Guru

The power of 3D graphics hardware and rendering technology is improving at an astonishing pace. To a…
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Biotech Special: AI Protein Engineering with Eddie Abrams

Antibodies are a type of protein molecule produced by the immune system. They recognize and attach t…
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Portal 64 with James Lambert

Portal is a 2007 game developed by Valve, where the player encounters puzzles that must be solved us…