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Proof Of Love

Join Tatiana Moroz & Lauren Kaszovitz as they are joined by various guests from the tech community to tackle how to relate and grow emotional intelligence while building the world of tomorrow. Topics include: relationships, sex, self-love, diet, health, wellness, and of course, a little news and gossip.
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Living in the Age of Aquarius with Matt Welsh

What is the Age of Aquarius? Orlando-based musician and yogi Matt Welsh believes it's more than just…
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The Spirit of the Olympics with Veronica Toro

Proof of Love is proud to present its first Olympian guest, Veronica Toro! Veronica is the first fem…
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Healing Trauma of the Mind, Body & Spirit with Chuck Williams & Melina Stroumpis

Flote CXO Chuck Williams returns, accompanied by his beloved wife Melina, to continue his discussion…
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Understanding Death, Violence & Forgiveness with Chuck Williams of Flote

Chuck Willliams was a teenager when he learned a horrifying secret about his family's past: that his…
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Approaching Immortality with Brent Nally of Longevity Plan, LLC

Brent Nally is a longevity researcher and veteran of the tech space who believes it is possible to u…
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The Pathology of the Stalker with Howard Scott Warshaw - Proof of Love Ep. 94

Howard Scott Warshaw returns to the program to talk a very serious topic: stalkers. Whether in the f…
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The Feminine Side of Crypto with Elena Sinelnikova - Proof of Love Ep. 93

Elena Sinelnikova has dedicated herself to helping the technology sector, especially crypto, gain a …
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Escaping the Pit: Coping with Lockdown After-Effects with Howard Scott Warshaw - Proof of Love Ep. 9…

Former Atari game designer, documentarian and psychotherapist Howard Scott Warshaw returns to talk t…
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Red Lights & Footlights: Sex Work, Comedy & Activism with Kaytlin Bailey - Proof of Love Ep. 90

Comedienne, writer, activist & former sex worker Kaytlin Bailey joins Tatiana for a fascinating talk…
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2nd Anniversary Valentine's Day Girl Talk Extravaganza - Proof of Love Ep. 89

Tatiana & Lauren reflect on Proof of Love's 2nd anniversary with a little catch-up session, reflecti…
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Pornography: The Digital Drug - Proof of Love Ep. 88

Porn addiction has quickly become an epidemic in the US, especially among teenaged and young adult m…
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Circumcision: The Cost of Shame - Proof of Love Ep. 87

Until the late 1800s and early 1900s, circumcision in the US was uncommon outside of the Jewish and …
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Shaking Up the Snow Globe with Jeff Nischwitz - Proof of Love Ep. 86

Jeff Nischwitz joins Tatiana & Laura to talk about his “shaking up the snowglobe” philosophy, the id…
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Dating in the Cryptosphere with Eryka Gemma - Proof of Love Ep. 85

Crypto educator and enthusiast Eryka Gemma joins Tatiana & Lauren to break down all the troubles one…
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Let's Talk: Happiest Season - Proof of Love Ep. 84

Proof of Love goes back to the movies as Tatiana & Lauren review the current flick that has everyone…
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Real Talk: Masculinity with Dr. Tiffany Graham - Proof of Love Ep. 83

Dr. Tiffany Graham of Springs Integrated Health rejoins the program for a special simulcast episode …
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An Adult Panel About ED with Ben from Tantra Punk & Dr. Tiffany Graham - Proof of Love Ep. 82

1 in every 10 men will suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction in their lives. There are many …
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The Western Love of Yoga with Miranda Jo Davis - Proof of Love Ep. 81

Miranda Jo Davis overcame a difficult youth to become a devoted wife and mother, an achievement she …
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Let's Discuss Sugar Daddies - Proof of Love Ep. 80

On this very special episode of Proof of Love, Tatiana & Lauren talk about patrons vs. "sugar daddie…
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The Tantric Reality of the Divine Feminine with Ben from Tantra Punk - Proof of Love Ep. 79

Ben from Tantra Punk rejoins the program, this time with Lauren present to ask all the questions she…
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Shape Your Body and Heart with Adam Williams - Proof of Love Ep. 78

Adam Williams got into fitness, nutrition and natural healing as a way to rehab injuries he got play…
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Smart and Fun Nutrition with Claudine François - Proof of Love Ep. 77

Claudine François started as a CFO & accountant, and the stress started to affect her health. After …
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Tiger King on Trial - Proof of Love Ep. 76

Drugs, murder-for-hire, country music and big, big cats...Proof of Love is finally taking on Tiger K…
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Proof of Love Ep. 75 - The Hidden Depths of Paris Hilton

Proof of Love takes another streaming deep dive, this time checking out YouTube Originals' “This is …
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