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Guy Swann makes the knowledge of Bitcoin, the world's most secure, independent money, accessible to everyone. Exploring Bitcoin from an investment perspective, economic analysis, its philosophical foundations, & technological primitives. Reading and distilling thousands of hours of others' works on Bitcoin, Guy explains everything you need to know.
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Read_680 - Green Eggs and Ham, Part 2 [Farrington & Big Al]

"We believe the core of the cultural fissure between crypto and bitcoin comes down to financializati…
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Read_679 - Green Eggs and Ham, Part 1 [Farrington & Larson]

"One counterargument might be that the de facto state capture of Ethereum in gradually becoming more…
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Read_678 - Toward a Node World Order [Micheal Goldstein]

"A bitcoin full node is a certainty machine. When a user runs a full node, they are granted a level …
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Chat_75 - Opting Out with Matt Hill

On the nature of sovereignty, the challenges of the world we live in, the fog of war that has descen…
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Read_677 - Maturation of Lightning, Growing Up By Going Vertical [Roy Sheinfeld]

"As the Web became much more complex, we now engage with multiple companies for each of those functi…
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Read_676 - The State of Man - Proclaim Your Bitcoin, Part 2 [Simply Bitcoin]

"The primary work undertaken by thieves to maintain their systems of thievery is manipulation. Decei…
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Read_675 - Stop Drinking the Elite's Kool-aid [Nayib Bukele]

"They used to own everything, and in a way they still do; the media, the banks, the NGOs, the intern…
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Read_674 - FTX & Alameda, Through the Looking Glass [NYDIG]

"I will start with the conclusion: my piece failed. Nothing has changed. DeFi-driven blowups have co…
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Read_673 - Crypto is Peak Silicon Valley [Allen Farrington]

"My learned opinion is that although your average toxic Bitcoin maximalist might be able to sniff ou…
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Read_672 - No, Let's Not: Perpetrators of Pandemic Authoritarianism Cannot Be Forgiven [Allen Farrin…

“It must become embarrassing to admit one ever supported uninformed and nonconsensual participation …
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Chat_74 - Synonymous with Sovereignty, with John Carvalho

Today we bring John Carvalho back on to talk about Bitkit and the release of Synonym's first major p…
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Read_671 - Greenpeace Attacks Only Galvanize Bitcoiners [Daniel Batten]

"They will come to understand that Bitcoin is hope for non-violent revolutionaries in the environmen…
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Read_670 - Capital Misallocation, Bitcoin Fixes this - Part 2 [Steven Lubka]

"The creation of new money by insiders debases the savings ability of the existing money. It is crit…
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Read_669 - Capital Misallocation, Bitcoin Fixes this - Part 1 [Steven Lubka]

"Money facilities a system — the economy — that is too complex, too unpredictable and too uncertain …
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Read_668 - Why Proof of Stake Wont be Used for Intergalactic First Contact [Buck Perley]

"A universal law can be understood to be an objective, observable, and eternal description of some f…
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Read_667 - The Final Bubble is Bursting [Myrmikan Research]

"One might ask: if much of the U.K. pension money was about to vanish, where was it going? Partly to…
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Reboot - Wittgenstein's Money [Allen Farrington]

"Imagine if all respectable business knowledge had been derived from studying large, established com…
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Read_666 - Debunking the ESG Attacks on Bitcoin [Spencer Nichols]

"While Bitcoin does not litigate the ethics of hydrocarbon production, it is not controversial to po…
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Read_665 - The Nature of Man, Proclaim Your Bitcoin Part 1 [Simply Bitcoin]

"to survive and prosper in this world, man can either make the things he needs and wants, or he can …
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Read_664 - Bitcoin Astronomy, The Third Law - Part 2 [Dhruv Bansal]

"But if technological civilizations are more common, then we must resolve the Fermi Paradox in a dif…
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Read_663 - Bitcoin Astronomy, The Third Law - Part 1 [Dhruv Bansal]

"Astrobiologists increasingly believe that conditions are frequently right for life. Hydrogen, oxyge…
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Guy's Take #60 - Digital Money

Today we explore a highly earned Guy's Take for Dergigi's "Bitcoin is Digital Scarcity" as well as u…
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Read_662 - Wrestling With the Truth [Allen Farrington & Sacha Meyers]

"The power of prices is the process of dynamic discovery that underpins their emergence, not the fle…
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Read_661 - Five Examples of Bitcoin's Real World Utility [Trent Dudenhoeffer]

"Today, it’s a trucker protest. What if it’s a women’s rights protest next? A protest against abuses…