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One Love Bitcoin

Bitcoin around the world.

A Jamaican known as 'Dread' traverses the earth both virtually and IRL, having down-to-earth conversaions about Bitcoin, the world's most secure, independent money, with bitcoiners from all over the globe. Exploring Bitcoin from an international perspective, the geopolitical and socioeconomic consequences for each nation, and the overall impact on the human race. With the lofty goal of having a talk with someone from every country on earth, Dread takes you on a unique and fun adventure into the future of sound money.

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One Love Bitcoin: Community Banking - the real DeFi with @vindaRd (Trinidad & Tobago)

This week I take you to my favorite place to enjoy carnival culture in the Caribbean, Trinidad & Tob…
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One Love Bitcoin: The only way out is through with AtlasHODL (Colombia)

This week we are in Barranquilla, discussing Bitcoin and culture with AtlasHODL, a very based Bitcoi…
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One Love Bitcoin: Disassociating from the Toxic Triangle with KatietheRussian (Russia)

This week we head across the pond to Russia and reason with KatietheRussian, CEO of PlanBPassport an…
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One Love Bitcoin: Censorship Resistance in Action with BTCSessions (Canada)

This week we make the trod north to Canada and reason with BTCSessions, host of BTCSessions on Youtu…
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One Love Bitcoin: Emancipating the Ewe People with Farida Nabourema (Togo)

This week we are back in the Motherland, exploring Togo, a country on the West Coast of the Africa. …
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One Love Bitcoin: The Internet of Value (and Things!) with Ben Arc

In this episode we travel to Cardiff, Wales to speak with Ben Arc, a Bitcoin developer and maker (al…
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The Molas and the Middlemen with Juan (Panama)

For this episode we take you to the beautiful country of Panama. Juan is a Bitcoiner living in Panam…
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Investing Based on First Principles with James & Tip (New Zealand)

Today we head to New Zealand, and hold a reasoning with James & Tip, two Kiwis that are passionate a…
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Black and Blue Markets with PaleoBit (Argentina)

Today we head to Argentina, and hold a reasoning with Geronimo, formerly with Airbnb but now working…
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From the Jump with OKIN (Namibia)

Our next stop will be in Windhoek, Namibia; a country in Africa on the southwestern part of the cont…
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One Love Bitcoin: Moving to Puerto Rico & Revolutionary Cycles with Mark Moss (USA)

Our next stop will feel familiar to Americans, as Puerto Rico is still territory of the United State…
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One Love Bitcoin: Building on Lightning for Africa with Fodé Diop (Senegal)

Today I'm taking you Senegal, a beautiful country on the West Coast of Africa. I spoke to my senegal…
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One Love Bitcoin: The Promised Land with Kal Kassa (Ethiopia)

After my trip to El Salvador, I sat down and had a very enjoyable and eye-opening conversation with …
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One Love Bitcoin: Bitcoin is Hope with Roman 'Chimbera' Martinez (El Salvador)

A few weeks before the announcement of Bitcoin being legal tender in El Salvador, I went to visit Bi…
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