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Bitcoin is misunderstood, multifaceted, complex and evolving at a staggering rate. Show host Max Buybit and guests discus its impact on the world and help dispel the myths surrounding bitcoin, blockchain and banking.
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Bitcoin monthly 0021

What did we miss? NLD bug, FULLRBF, FTX, anyone? Bitcoin Monthly with BQA and Antomous Bitcoin month…
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The orange pill simulator.

  In todays episode i speak to Urban Hacker about a new way to orange pill future bitcoiners. We als…
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Pleb Miner Month Finale

Pleb Miner Month Finale We did it! We managed to present and entire month (ahem, make that 2 months)…
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Hash privately and store sats securely with BQA & Lili

The aim of todays episode is to help bitcoin users hash privately and store sats securely. Bitcoin i…
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Fuck you money, privacy and bitcoin with @GuerraMoneta and @BTCxZelko.

  If you care about privacy, open source and bitcoin there is no better node package in the world th…
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AI Pro Energy & CoinHeated

AI Pro Energy & CoinHeated   In this #PlebMinerMonth Episode we speak with Anton from AIPro Energy a…
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Mining bitcoin with unreliable power.

Hello ungovernable misfits. TensaiBankai here bringing you another Bitsized bitcoin. Today I am goin…
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Mining bitcoin and heating homes with @coinheated

I speak to the man the myth the legend @coinheated about stuff and things. No more show notes so jus…
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PSA #Plebminermonth

PSA #Plebminermonth   ......More to come. 
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Mining KYC Free Sats (BingBong Bitesize Bitcoin)

BingBong Bitesize Bitcoin   Mining KYC Free Sats   Acquiring ASICs and pointing them at a pool is th…
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Noise mitigation for bitcoin mining with BINGBONG

    “No show notes again? This is so unprofessional.”   It's a five minute show. Deal with it.   twi…
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Growing bitcoin with Moses

to come. 
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Bitcoin monthly 0020

Fun times in Riga and mobile competition for peer-to-peer bitcoin exchanges. Bitcoin Monthly with BQ…
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Braiin Power with Jan Capek

  The month of September is dedicated to pleb miners who will not unplug nor comply. The backbone of…
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Bitcoin circular economy and hash the torch 

“OMG you didn’t even write show notes, that’s so unprofessional.” Im ungovernable. Fuck off.  If you…
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IT & Telecom the Backbone of the Bitcoin Network

  IT & Telecom the Backbone of the Bitcoin Network   In this episode Jon talks with IT expert @SalGo…
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#HashTheTorch My first foray into mining was sometime in late 2011/2012. At that time Bitcoin Core h…
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3D printing parts for Bitcoin mining with @ZuccThis

3D printing parts for Bitcoin mining with @ZuccThis     What's up guys? zucc_this here with another …
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Pleb miner month update and prize draw. Bitcoin wins.

Pleb Miner Month Week 1 Giveaway Update Max, Jon, Sarah, and DiGiacomo girl nym #3   #PlebMinerMonth…
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Happy birthday Lincoin pool - Bitcoin mining and Paynyms

  We sit down to talk with Medi Naseri of Lincoin pool. Medi Naseri, has been mining since 2014 and …
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Why home mining is true decentralisation. (Bitesize Bitcoin)

In this Bitesize bitcoin we learn why home mining is true decentralisation.   If you have any questi…
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Mining bitcoin with Barnminer

Todays episode is with Barnminer also known as @btctwatterpants on twitter. Barnminer is a champion …
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Mining bitcoin on solar with @theGianMendoza

Todays episode is with Gian Mendoza, we talked about his rabbit hole journey and why he decided to m…
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Rust Belt Home Miners with BingBong_BTC and Jon

Rust Belt Home Miners In this episode Jon travels to a rural part of the Rust Belt, USA to interview…