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Thriller Bitcoin

Thriller is a local austin bitcoin zine for the Plebs. Built by the Plebs for the Plebs.

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Pleb talk with Alex

Car talks with Alex. They discuss what he has been doing at austin city council sessions. They also …
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Pleb talk with Mary

Car talks with Mary. They discuss what it is like building a bitcoin community in Lagos, Nigeria. Th…
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Pleb talk with Michael

Car talks with Michael. They discuss next weeks Bitcoin Block Party taking place on Rainey Street. T…
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Pleb talk with Austin

Car talks with Austin. They discuss how Austin went from pleb to bitcoin developer through manifesta…
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Pleb talk with Casey

Car talks with Casey "the ordinals guy" Rodarmor and Super Testnet drops by to help with the math st…
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Pleb talk with Keyan

Car talks with his best friend Keyan. They discuss life as a young bitcoin startup. They also dive i…
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Pleb talk with Jose Burgos

Car talks with Jose Burgos. They discuss life in podcasting. They also dive into stoicism, psilocybi…
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Pleb talk with Super Testnet

Car talks with Super Testnet. They discuss super satoshi theory that puzzles Car. We also dive into …
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Pleb talk with Tristan

Car talks with Tristan. They discuss Draper X and PlebLab. We also dive into disney woke culture, ed…
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Pleb talk with Constantin

Car talks with Constantin. They discuss the state of bitcoin in Austin post bitcoin++. We also dive …
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