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Staatsschuld met Boris van de Ven: Waarom zien mensen die clownworld niet?

Haha BOOM! Boris is in the house. Samen met hem bespreek ik de staat van onze clownworld en de il…
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Militair industrieel complex?

Historicus Diedert de Wagt deed jarenlang gericht onderzoek naar "de macht achter de macht" en schre…
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Chat_102 - Taxation and the Demise of Ethics [The Staying Free Podcast]

This chat episode is a riveting conversation which was originally featured on The Staying Free Podca…
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Politiek is showbizz voor lelijke mensen - Adam Curry & Shohreh

In dit fascinerende interview met Adam Curry, bekend als radiopiraat, DJ, techpionier, en complotden…
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Chat_101 - The Bitcoin Civil War is Over! with Guy Swann [Anarchast]

"The most powerful thing that Bitcoin did was establish a monetary foundation, a monetary policy tha…
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Jack Mallers — There Is No Second Best (BTC Prague 2024 Keynote)

“A failure to understand proof of work is a failure to understand bitcoin.” Jack opens his keynot…

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The documentary film "My Trust in You Is Broken" tells the origin of BTCPay Server. Created by Nicol…
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Peru's Hidden Bitcoin Revolution

We visited 4 of Peru's most remote villages to discover a hidden bitcoin revolution forming - from t…
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The Legendary Treasure of Satoshi Nakamoto (full movie)

The Legendary Treasure of Satoshi Nakamoto is the incredible story of Bitcoin’s creation, its myster…
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DE VERLEIDERS | Door de bank genomen: 10 jaar later

Opnames: DeLaMar Theater - 12 juli 2023 Met dank aan Qmedia In 2014 verrasten DE VERLEIDERS vrie…
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Follow The Money #5 - Lebanon, Life After the State

Lebanon's political and economic crisis, rooted in decades of mismanagement and corruption, reached …
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The global debt crisis - Is the world on the brink of collapse? | DW Documentary

Experts are sounding the alarm: the world is caught in a debt trap. The global mountain of debt has …

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SeedSigner + SeedKeeper: Adding Affordable Secure Element Storage to DIY Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

SeedSigner + SeedKeeper: Adding Affordable Secure Element Storage to DIY Bitcoin Hardware Wallet …
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BTCPay Server and Coldcard wallet - PSBT Sending from a wallet airgapped

In this video we show you how to sign a transaction with your Coldcard in a airgapped manner aka PSB…
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$10 bitcoin Hardware Wallet, DIY/FOSS/ESP32/easy build!

Includes web installer for easy build https://github.com/lnbits/hardware-wallet Uses the incredible…
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bitcoinSwitch EASY BUILD with websockets!

Websockets, multiple GPIOs, a brand spanking new web-installer/web-config! https://github.com/lnbit…
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LNPoS 2 OFFLINE bitcoin point-of-sale (easy install and build)

Flash and configure LNPoS directly from the browser, no technical knowledge needed! https://github.…
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Bitcoin's Lightning Network: Why It's Changing The World (+ Free Bitcoin Giveaway)

Get 10 Satoshis on Lightning Network FREE for watching this video (seriously)! If you've been aro…

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