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WHY ARE WE BULLISH? Jaime Garcia, Max DeMarco, Madex

FOLLOW TODAY’S PANELISTS: https://twitter.com/JaimeWGarcia https://twitter.com/plebmusic https://…
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How Bitcoin Changed An Entire Nation | El Salvador

Join me on a journey through El Salvador as I uncover the truth behind the Bitcoin adoption in the c…
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Bitcoin, crypto en de op- en misvattingen - Boris van de Ven

Afgelopen week stonden we stil bij cryptocurrencies en de handelsplatforms waar de nodige commotie o…
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Bitcoin: A Year in Review with Matt Odell

SHOW NOTES: https://www.whatbitcoindid.com/podcast/bitcoin-a-year-in-review Matt Odell is host o…
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The energy narrative around Bitcoin is a fascinating one, isn't it? So much negative news and yellin…
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Veilig je eigen bitcoin bewaren | Cryptocast 253

Geen video deze week, op verzoek van de gast. Presentator:

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Bitcoin is Beautiful | a Short Film by Tomer Strolight

This short film by Tomer Strolight and DirectorHodl reminds us of nature’s beauty, and explains how …
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The Silent Bitcoin Revolution Of Africa

South Africa is experiencing financial repression and limited access to financial services. However,…
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Documentary: How Bitcoin Enforces Human Rights | Anita Posch

►► Get my FREE Bitcoin newsletter: https://anita.link/news Documentary: Opposing the corruptible fi…
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Follow The Money #2 - Inflation, The Hidden Tax

- - - - - We are living through an economic crisis. A crisis that has been building for decades. …
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Documentary: Is this the next Bitcoin Paradise?

Bitcoiners from around the world recently met with Madeira's President to discuss the possibility of…
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#1083: De verborgen infrastructuur van ons geldsysteem | DNW Reportage

De inrichting van het geldstelsel heeft grote invloed op onze economie, de verdeling van rijkdom en …

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BTCPay Server and Coldcard wallet - PSBT Sending from a wallet airgapped

In this video we show you how to sign a transaction with your Coldcard in a airgapped manner aka PSB…
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$10 bitcoin Hardware Wallet, DIY/FOSS/ESP32/easy build!

Includes web installer for easy build https://github.com/lnbits/hardware-wallet Uses the incredible…
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bitcoinSwitch EASY BUILD with websockets!

Websockets, multiple GPIOs, a brand spanking new web-installer/web-config! https://github.com/lnbit…
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LNPoS 2 OFFLINE bitcoin point-of-sale (easy install and build)

Flash and configure LNPoS directly from the browser, no technical knowledge needed! https://github.…
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Bitcoin's Lightning Network: Why It's Changing The World (+ Free Bitcoin Giveaway)

Get 10 Satoshis on Lightning Network FREE for watching this video (seriously)! If you've been aro…
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How to SAFELY Use Your Bitcoin Lightning Node On-The-Go

If we really want Bitcoin Lightning Network to grow in adoption, we need to actually USE it in the r…

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