Terms and Conditions

Don't trust, verify. You are responsible for your own actions, we will treat your order and data with the upmost respect but we can't garantee a 100% happyness factor. We really try to move mountains to gain your respect and trust.

When you have problems with your order or with anything else please send us an email. Although we are pretty Toxic we will still try to serve you the best we can within our capabilities.

Don't try to sue us or anything else cause with complying to our terms you agree to be a resposible person which has made a decision to order some stuff from internet from who knows who.. We are just normal plebs trying to do the best for our fellow plebs and for the adoption of bitcoin as a monetary system.

Refunds are arbitrairy by us and we will send you a replacement product first when you did not receive your order or the products arrived broken.

PS: We probably are more friendly than any other fiat bois webshop so please contact us when you have troubles or questions.