Privacy Defenders Samourai and Zelko introduce Sentinel, the watch only bitcoin wallet.



In this episode I spoke to Samourai and Zelko about the recent release of Sentinel, a watch only wallet created by Samourai wallet. Sentinel is an open source watch only wallet that allows users to track offline, cold storage, and paper wallets without needing private keys. Users of sentinel can keep an eye on all balances and transactions as well as generating receive addresses without exposing private keys or reducing security. Your offline bitcoin wallet may eventually need to send a transaction, now you don’t have to compromise the security of your offline wallet by bringing it online, you can Use Sentinel to maintain the air gap.


Samourai gave us the history of sentinel and where its going in the future and Zelko helped me understand the interaction between RoninDojo and sentinel, why its so seamless and fast. Ive been testing it over the past week and it is blazing fast as well as incredibly simple to use. Im enjoying the layout and being able to track all balances in one place. 


As is to be expected this is bitcoin software that is built to be used without revealing your identity or information that could leave you vulnerable to attacks. Native Tor integration, PSBTs, simple Dojo pairing and generating receive addresses from all tracked wallets are just some of the many incredible features.


We are going to be running a spaces around a week after this episode goes live and would love to hear from you. If you have questions or feedback please join the conversation. I will announce the date and time in the next few days. 


To learn more about sentinel and to download it please use the link bellow.




To learn more about  and to download it please use the link bellow.




To learn more about RoninDojo please use the link bellow.




For the Samourai/RoninDojo privacy defenders clothing please use the link bellow.



Thank you for listening and please let me know if you have any questions. 


Host -  @MaxBitbuybit


Guest - @RoninDojoNode


Guest - @SamouraiWallet



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