Follow The Money #3 - Dear Elizabeth Warren

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With a wave of misconceptions perpetuated by mainstream media outlets and political figures, including Elizabeth Warren, there has been a deluge of negative press regarding Bitcoin's energy consumption and its environmental impact.

These misconceptions hinder the growth and widespread adoption of one of the most revolutionary technologies in recent history. By spreading false information regarding Bitcoin's energy consumption and environmental credentials, these influential sources create a negative perception of Bitcoin, undermining its potential to transform the global financial landscape.

In Part 3 of Follow the Money I travel to Texas and Oklahoma to discover the truth about the Bitcoin mining industry and how this industry embodies core American values - the ideals of freedom, hard work, and innovation.

I also investigate the relationship between Bitcoin mining and the transition to a low-carbon grid, debunking claims that it is detrimental to the environment. Additionally, I uncover how Bitcoin miners utilise otherwise wasted energy and collaborate with grid operators to stabilise energy supplies and reduce consumer prices.

As I travelled across these two states, I witnessed firsthand the revitalisation of towns due to the influx of Bitcoin mining companies and saw how working with, rather than against Bitcoin can benefit American communities and contribute to the nation's prosperity.

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Thanks to my sponsor NYDIG who financed this film. NYDIG is building an inclusive financial system that makes Bitcoin a universal option for billions of people worldwide. Bitcoin is a resource for human progress, and NYDIG is the gateway.

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→ Director: Neil Berkley
→ Producer: Peter McCormack
→ Director of Photography: Curt Taylor
→ Additional Camera: Neil Berkley
→ Editing: Richie Carvill
→ Assistant Editor: Zachariah Daly
→ Colour Grade: Curt Taylor
→ Sound Mix: Isai Espinoza
→ Producer: Neil McCormack
→ Production Assistant: Danny Knowles
→ Production Assistant: Emma Firman
→ Production Assistant: Jessica Bermudez

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