Follow The Money #4 - Argentina's Inflation Crisis

In the heart of South America, Argentina is gripped by an endless economic crisis. A prolonged history of hyperinflation, currency devaluation, and fiscal mismanagement has created enormous inflationary pressures and destroyed confidence in the Argentine peso.

The country has grappled with unsustainable public debt levels, political instability, and an over reliance on external borrowing. These factors, combined with a lack of consistent economic policies, have led to a series of financial crises, eroding the population's purchasing power and causing significant social and economic hardship.

The crisis has been further exacerbated by challenges such as income inequality, corruption, and a lack of trust in the financial system, making it a complex and enduring issue for Argentina.

In Part 4 of Follow the Money, I travel to Buenos Aires to understand Argentina's history of inflation, the damage it has caused the country and the tools people have to survive a collapsing currency.

With an upcoming presidential election, I also meet the people who believe that the solution is a new Libertarian candidate and his radical reforms of economic policy and government.

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Thanks to my sponsor Iris Energy, irisenergy.co, who financed this film. Iris Energy is the largest NASDAQ listed Bitcoin miner using 100% renewable energy.

Find out more about Iris Energy here - https://irisenergy.co.

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→ Directors: Curt Taylor & Peter McCormack
→ Producer: Peter McCormack
→ Director of Photography: Curt Taylor
→ Camera Operator: Aiden Bryan
→ Editor: Michael Kenny
→ Production Co-ordinator: Neil McCormack
→ Colour Grade: Curt Taylor
→ Sound Design & Mix: James Hall (Obodo)
→ Fixer: Juan Llauró

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