Xoaquin Flores: On Social Uprisings and Astroturfing


Xoaquin Flores is a geopolitical analyst at the Strategic Culture Foundation, and hosts the telegram channel @NewResistance. This episode is the first of a series of 5 of our conversation.

As an expert in International Relations, International Political Economy, and a deep understanding of history, Xoaquin’s training and life experiences give him a unique perspective on how he views current events and the key players on the world stage. We discuss everything Russia, Ukraine but go far beyond that:

- Xoaquin’s background and upbringing as a Communist youth

- his disenchantment with activism
- Grass Roots uprisings and astroturfing 

- Political Game Theory and The Technology of State Craft (who really makes what decisions and why?)

- Oligarchs vs Statesmen vs Tycoons

- The Russian Revolution

- The KGB as a hermetically sealed unit and the belief system that holds it together 

- The History of Ukraine and where it fell short as a state

- The Great Reset

- Planned Obsolescence &  Despotism 

- Understanding Marxism and maxims as a crutch

And then some…


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