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Pinata and the Interplanetary File System with Matt Ober

The interplanetary filesystem, or IPFS, is a peer-to-peer network that uses a distributed and decent…
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Animal Well with Billy Basso

Animal Well is a Metroidvania game developed as a solo project by Billy Basso over the course of sev…
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LLMs for Data Queries with Sarah Nagy

One of the most promising applications of large language models is giving non-experts the ability to…
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Implementing KYC and User Verification with Alex Grinman

Almost every application or system involves some sort of user onboarding. Increasingly, companies mu…
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Nuxt JS with Anthony Fu

Vue is a popular JavaScript frontend framework, and Nuxt is an open source meta-framework on top of …
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Scaling Large ML Models to Small Devices with Atila Orhon

The size of ML models is growing into the many billions of parameters. This poses a challenge for ru…
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Anaconda and Accelerating AI Development with Rob Futrick

Anaconda is a popular platform for data science, machine learning, and AI. It provides trusted repos…
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Engineering the Playdate Gaming Handheld with James Moore and Dave Hayden

Panic has created games such as Firewatch and Untitled Goose Game. They recently ventured into gamin…
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Using LLMs for Training Data Preparation with Nihit Desai

Machine learning models learn patterns and relationships from data to make predictions or decisions.…
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AI-Driven Observability at Kentik with Avi Freedman

Kentik is a network observability platform that focuses on letting users easily ask questions and ge…
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SolidJS with Ryan Carniato

Solid.js is a popular JavaScript framework known for its reactive and efficient rendering system. In…
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Database Scaling at Figma with Sammy Steele

Sammy Steele is a Senior Staff Engineer at Figma, and the tech lead for their databases team. She pr…
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Bonus Episode: How to Build a Self-Driving Car with Ian Williams

Autonomous vehicle engineering is a huge challenge and requires the integration of many different te…
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Security Engineering with Ben Huber

Ben Huber is a security engineer who has worked at companies including Crypto.com and Blackpanda. He…
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Startup Investing with George Mathew

George Mathew is a Managing Director at Insight Partners where he invested in Weights & Biases, …
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Hookdeck and Building an Event Gateway with Alex Bouchard

Event-driven architecture is a software design pattern where system components communicate through e…
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Authlete and Making OAuth Accessible with Justin Richer

OAuth is an open standard for access delegation. It lets users grant websites or applications access…
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Netflix Engineering with Jay Phelps

Today, you can access Netflix on virtually any device. For a Netflix user, this seamless experience …
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Data Applications on Snowflake with Daniel Myers

Snowflake is one of the most prominent platforms for interacting with data and building data-intensi…
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Bonus Episode: Optimizing Nintendo 64 Code with Kaze Emanuar

Kaze Emanuar is a ROM hacker who’s famous for the array of mods he’s made for Super Mari…
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A Semantic Layer for Data with Artyom Keydunov

Managing data and access to data is one of the biggest challenges that a company can face. It’s comm…
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Developing Blasphemous II with David Erosa and Dani Márquez

Blasphemous and Blasphemous II are Metroidvania action-adventure games developed by the Spanish stud…
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Building the PyCharm IDE at JetBrains with Paul Everitt

Python is famed for it’s intuitive syntax, powerful standard library, and rich ecosystem of packages…
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Tonic and Synthetic Data with Andrew Colombi and Adam Kamor

All robust technology platforms require testing to ensure that features work as intended. In many ca…