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The Bitcoin Standard Podcast

Saifedean's The Bitcoin Standard Podcast is the place to discuss Bitcoin and economics from the Austrian school's perspective.

Listen to the weekly saifedean.com discussion seminar, where a group of learners from all over the world discuss the website's online courses, as well as a wide variety of economic, political, and social issues, and occasionally host special guests for the discussion.

The podcast also includes the most interesting interviews conducted with Saifedean on other shows.
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225. CIVILIZATION: Principles of Economics Lecture 18

This is the final lecture of Saifedean's online course Principles of Economics, entitled Civili…
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224. Fiat Medicine with Ahmad Ammous

Saifedean interviews his own brother, Dr. Ahmad Ammous, on the history and the problems of modern fi…
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223. Live from Bitcoin Beach El Salvador

On a recent visit to El Salvador Saifedean sat down with the Live From Bitcoin Beach Podcast in El Z…
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222. Central Banking Works

Saifedean's talk at the Canadian Bitcoin Conference is an admission that central banking works.…
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221. Parallel with Brian De Mint

Brian De Mint from Orange Pill App joins to discuss his new book, Parallel, on building a Bitcoin ec…
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220. Austrian Economics & the State with Walker

Walker from THE Bitcoin Podcast hosts Saifedean to discuss his latest book, Principles of Economics,…
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219. America, Israel & Palestine with Dave Smith

Libertarian comedian Dave Smith hosts Saifedean to discuss the Palestinian Israeli conflict and the …
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218. Nomad Capitalist with Andrew Henderson

Andrew Henderson runs Nomad Capitalist, whose annual conference will be held in September 2024, with…
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217. Debating Palestine/Israel with Yaron Brook

Robert Breedlove hosts and moderates a contentious and detailed debate between Saifedean and Yaron B…
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216. Israel's Genocide w/ Prof Jeffrey Sachs

Columbia University's Professor Jeffrey Sachs joins us to discuss Israel's ongoing genocid…
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215. Rothbard's The Progressive Era, with Patrick Newman

Professor Patrick Newman has edited and produced several of Rothbard's unfinished books, and he…
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214. Bitcoin vs Altcoins with Phil Champagne

Phil Champagne, author of The Book of Satoshi and Bitcoin vs Altcoins joins the podcast to discuss c…
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213. CAPITALISM: Principles of Economics Lecture 12

This week's episode is the full lecture 12 of the Principles of Economics online course, and it…
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212. Regenerative agriculture with Alan Savory

Alan Savory joins the podcast to discuss regenerative agriculture. Enjoyed this episode? Join Saifed…
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211. Principles of Economics: A discussion with Cedric Youngelman

Cedric Youngelman of The Bitcoin Matrix podcast read Principles of Economics and hosts Saifedean to …
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210. Money and Liberty with James Turk

Author and businessman James Turk joins to discuss  monetary history, why gold & silver emerged …
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209. Fiat Science with Dr. Willie Soon

Dr. Willie Soon has spent decades fighting pseudoscience and climate hysteria from within fiat estab…
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208. Principles of Economics: A discussion with Brian Demint

Brian Demint from the Orange Pill App hosts Saifedean to discuss Principles of Economics and some of…
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207. Central Bank Digital Currencies with Glenn Greenwald

Investigate journalist Glenn Greenwald hosts Saifedean to discuss Central Bank Digital Currencies an…
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206. Fiat Wars with Scott Horton

What is the logic driving US foreign policy & its endless carnage, and is it all just a very ela…
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205. The Palestine-Israel Conflict and Private Property with Robert Breedlove

Robert Breedlove interviews Saifedean to get the Palestinian perspective on the Palestinians/Israeli…
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204. Milei's Argentina with Philip Bagus

Against all odds, the new president of Argentina is an anarcho-capitalist who quotes Mises and Rothb…
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203. Coming to Palestine with Sheldon Richman

Libertarian author Sheldon Richman joins us to discuss the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, and his lib…
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202. CAPITAL: Principles of Economics Lecture 6

This week's episode is the full lecture 6 of the Principles of Economics online course, and its…