Bitcoin will fix the USA | Ryan Matta

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221. Parallel with Brian De Mint

Brian De Mint from Orange Pill App joins to discuss his new book, Parallel, on building a Bitcoin ec…
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220. Austrian Economics & the State with Walker

Walker from THE Bitcoin Podcast hosts Saifedean to discuss his latest book, Principles of Economics,…
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219. America, Israel & Palestine with Dave Smith

Libertarian comedian Dave Smith hosts Saifedean to discuss the Palestinian Israeli conflict and the …
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218. Nomad Capitalist with Andrew Henderson

Andrew Henderson runs Nomad Capitalist, whose annual conference will be held in September 2024, with…
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217. Debating Palestine/Israel with Yaron Brook

Robert Breedlove hosts and moderates a contentious and detailed debate between Saifedean and Yaron B…
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216. Israel's Genocide w/ Prof Jeffrey Sachs

Columbia University's Professor Jeffrey Sachs joins us to discuss Israel's ongoing genocid…

Robin Seyr

Join me on my journey to interview as many Bitcoiner as possible. I publish 5 Episodes per week with…

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