Satoshi Disappear Day - Presented By Bitcoin Magazine

Join the Bitcoin Magazine team and guests as we explore Satoshi the man, how he kept such excellent opsec, and more.

Hosted by CK, Matt Odell and Pete Rizzo with guest appearances by Adam Back, Jameson Lopp, Pierre Rochard, Aaron van Wirdum, Rockstar Dev and Ketan.

For context about Satoshi Disappear Day consider reading Pete Rizzo's "THE LAST DAYS OF SATOSHI: WHAT HAPPENED WHEN BITCOIN’S CREATOR DISAPPEARED":

0:00​ Satoshi Disappear Day Intro
1:35​ The Last Days of Satoshi w/ Pete Rizzo, Aaron Van Wirdum, & CK
46:00​ Adam Back on Satoshi
1:32:00​ Privacy and Satoshi w/ Ketan, Rockstar Dev, and Matt Odell
2:29:13​ Satoshi's Legacy roundtable w/ Jameson Lopp, Pierre Rochard, Matt Odell, and Pete Rizzo
3:15:51​ The Last Days of Satoshi Read by Guy Swann

Be sure to follow our guests and hosts on Twitter:
Aaron van Wirdum // https://twitter.com/AaronvanW​
Adam Back // https://twitter.com/adam3us​
CK // https://twitter.com/ck_SNARKs​
Jameson Lopp // https://twitter.com/lopp​
Ketan // https://twitter.com/_k3tan​
Matt Odell // https://twitter.com/matt_odell​
Pete Rizzo // https://twitter.com/pete_rizzo_​
Pierre Rochard // https://twitter.com/pierre_rochard​
RockstarDev // https://twitter.com/r0ckstardev​

Special thanks to Bitcoin2021 for sponsoring this livestream. Use Promo Code SATOSHI for 10% off your GA tickets to the conference.
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