BCB039_PRESTON PYSH & GREG FOSS, Part 1: Macroecon Armageddon


This is a very special episode!  We had a long form discussion with Preston Pysh and Greg Foss about current macroeconomic conditions.  This is not one to miss considering the CRAZY landscape we are staring down.  We broke this discussion into two parts to keep it easily digestible.  In the first part we primarily focus on overall macro view.  The second part to be released next week will focus on how to position yourself in these crazy times. 

We Cover:

  • Crazy start to 2022

  • Bitcoin Volitility

  • The Fed

  • Inflation

  • Equity and Bond Selloff

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Preston is the Co-Founder of The Investor’s Podcast Network.  He started his first show “We Study Billionaires” in 2014 with Co-Founder Stig Broderson.  In 2020 Preston pivoted into hosting his own show titled “Bitcoin Fundamentals,” a must listen for anyone interested in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Preston’s podcast comes out weekly, and it’s one the two of us NEVER miss.


Greg spent 32 years as a credit trader and analyst.  He now serves as an Executive Trader and Bitcoin Strategist for Validus Power Corp in Canada.  Greg is a leading thinker in the Bitcoin space with massive expertise in credit markets. Greg's Bitcoin Magazine articles are linked below.


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