Chat_101 - The Bitcoin Civil War is Over! with Guy Swann [Anarchast]

"The most powerful thing that Bitcoin did was establish a monetary foundation, a monetary policy that was not alterable through a shallow, short term social consensus. That the protocol determines the rules, and then everyone is only able to fight within those rules, and any changes that are made can only occur within those rules, and anybody who tries to break those rules are necessarily forking off. And if they do not get overwhelming support to do that, the change simply doesn't succeed."
~ Guy Swann

Today, I'm excited to bring you a special episode featuring a marathon conversation I had on the Anarchast podcast, hosted by Patrick Smith. As a "big blocker" and supporter of Bitcoin Cash, Patrick and I delve into the heart of the Bitcoin Civil War, exploring the contentious debates between small and big block proponents.
In this in-depth discussion, we cover the contrasting perspectives of small and big block advocates, discussing "revelations" from Roger Ver's new book. We also discuss the critical implications of block size on Bitcoin's future, decentralization, and security.
This debate is one of my favorites, offering a comprehensive view of the trade-offs and arguments that shaped Bitcoin's history. Whether you're new to the debate or a seasoned Bitcoin enthusiast, this episode is packed with valuable insights.
Tune in and join us as we navigate the complexities of the Blocksize War.

Original episode on Anarchast YouTube Channel. (Link: https://tinyurl.com/mwuftsk7)

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