From Savings to Sustainability: Understanding Bitcoin's Impact

This is the first lecture around Bitcoin in Utrecht University. On the 26th of April of 2023 the Finance Committee organised the interactive Leader Lecture. It was open for all students to join.

The speakers were Leon Wankum, Derek Pennings, Bert de Groot.

Leon – Bitcoin Theorist
The mission statement of Bitcoin is to achieve a separation of money and state. This separation is necessary to address the problems caused by central banks and inflation. Bitcoin is disinflationary, which changes the finance industry as it allows for savings without having to invest to offset inflation. Students can use Bitcoin to store value and build wealth for their future because it is the instrument that changes the time preference by incentivizing people to invest and save for the long term, giving hope for the next generation.

Derek – Bitcoin Entrepreneur
An insight about the importance of secure Bitcoin storage and how Bitsave provides a solution to this problem. The co-founder of Bitsave, a Dutch company founded in 2021 that specializes in secure Bitcoin storage and provides perceptive market information. Additionally, the co-founder provides comprehension on the current state of the Bitcoin market and how Bitsave's market information can be helpful for investors.

Bert - Bitcoin Engineer
Unlike assets that contribute to short-term consumerism and environmental destruction, investing in Bitcoin has a dual impact. By investing in Bitcoin, you not only lower your consumption but also support the advancement of technology for abundant energy in the future. Furthermore, a long-term investment in Bitcoin does not only benefits your future self but also contributes to a more sustainable future. As the fiat price of Bitcoin increases, more people are incentivized to mine Bitcoin, which in turn drives technological progress for sustainable energy sources.

00:00 - 21:55 Leon Wankum
21:55 - 40:00 Q&A
40:00 - 57:36 Derek Pennings
57:36 - 1:07:45 Q&A
1:07:45 - 1:22:50 Break
1:22:50 - 1:44:50 Bert de Groot
1:44:50 - 2:03:44 Q&A
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