BTC176: Bitcoin and Traditional Finance in 2024 w/ Jim Crider (Bitcoin Podcast)


Jim Crider explores Bitcoin's impact on culture, future financial strategies, and the essence of money, highlighting its role in investment vs. speculative cycles, and ETF strategies. He also addresses financial planning with Bitcoin for different life stages, emphasizing the importance of understanding money beyond its face value.


  • The key aspects of Bitcoin that most people overlook and why they're crucial for understanding its value.

  • How Bitcoin is expected to influence cultural and societal norms in the next two decades.

  • Strategies for integrating Bitcoin into fixed income portfolios to prepare for future financial shifts.

  • The differences and benefits of in-kind versus cash creation in ETFs, and the implications for investors.

  • How to educate clients on the true essence of money, combining its technical definition with its value-based aspects.

  • The distinction between speculative and investment cycles in the context of Bitcoin and broader financial markets.

  • Financial planning opportunities with Bitcoin for young families and retirees, highlighting commonly overlooked advantages.


  • Jim Crider's Twitter.

  • Jim Crider’s Financial Advisory firm: Intentional Living.

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