Matthew Pines & Natalie Smolenski | Swan Signal | EP 110


Sam Callahan sat down with Matthew Pines @matthew_pines and Natalie Smolenski @NSmolenski to discuss Bitcoin and the growing surveillance state, the current status of China-US relations, and why the battle for control over networks will be a key story in the coming decade. 

00:00:00 “Swan Signal” Intro 
00:01:53 Introducing Natalie and Matt 
00:02:19 Bitcoin Conference 2023 Recap 
00:07:53 Emerging Presidential Candidates Speaking about Bitcoin 
00:14:10 The Restrict Act and the Amplification of Digital Surveillance 00:20:20 Central Bank Digital Currencies 
00:27:13 Why America Shouldn’t Allow CBDC’s 
00:32:55 Bridging the Relationship between America and China 
00:41:18 How Bitcoin Can Help Play a Role in Minimizing Trust Between Nation-States 
00:48:17 Why is having a Centralized Mega-Bank a Threat to National Security? 
00:58:00 How to Connect with Natalie and Matt 
01:00:38 “Swan Signal” Outro

Connect with Swan Bitcoin: 

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