The Post-Halving Bitcoin Mining Market With Taras Kulyk


Taras Kulyk, CEO of Sunnyside Digital, one of the largest hardware distributors in North America, joins The Mining Pod to discuss the post-Bitcoin halving mining market, including ASIC prices, infrastructure, global shipping and M&A in the mining industry.

Chapter Markers:

00:00:00 Start

00:02:18 Taras Kulyk intro

00:04:45 ASIC market update

00:07:53 ASIC buyer hesitation

00:10:29 S21 vs T21 performance

00:12:46 Where are older ASIC migrating to?

00:14:39 Electrical infrastructure procurement

00:15:57 Supply chain

00:17:03 GPS jamming

00:18:11 West vs East coast shipping

00:19:32 Intl vs domestic shipments

00:20:34 Procurement advice for new miners

00:23:14 ASIC market maturing?

00:24:49 Institutional ASIC buyers

00:26:23 M&A for big miners

00:30:27 Servicing miners

00:31:01 Why miners aren't staffing up?

00:32:54 Big miner predictions

00:33:42 Wrap up

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