Mike Cahill (Douro Labs) on the Evolving Oracle Landscape (EP.476)


We sit down with Mike Cahill, CEO of Douro labs, to talk Pyth’s retroactive airdrop and launch. In this episode:

  • A brief history of Pyth
  • What was the problem with legacy oracles before Pyth
  • How is Pyth is technically differentiated from other oracles
  • The importance of introducing confidence intervals into prices
  • How does Pyth achieves cross chain data delivery
  • Disintermediation in the oracle market
  • Major proof points that convinced Mike that Pyth could work
  • Pyth’s traction on various chains
  • Which blockchains Pyth does particularly well on
  • Mike addresses the ‘collusion FUD’?
  • Why Pyth oracles are not like LIBOR
  • How the Pyth retrospective airdrop works
  • What’s happening with Pyth governance on a go forward basis?

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