The Silent Bitcoin Revolution Of Africa

South Africa is experiencing financial repression and limited access to financial services. However, the adoption of Bitcoin has the potential to bring financial freedom and opportunity to the people of South Africa.

I visit Bitcoin Ekasi in Mossel Bay, South Africa. An initiative where kids are learning about Bitcoin and how to safely store the coins themselves.

One of the problems in South Africa is that many people, don't have access to the internet or a smartphone, which can make it difficult for us to participate in the digital economy. However, thanks to Entrepreneurs like Kgothatso Ngako, people are learning about how to send and receive Bitcoin even without access to the internet or a smartphone.

During my visit, I had the opportunity to meet the person who helped Pick n Pay. Carel helped the second largest South African retail chain to introduce a Bitcoin payment option.
It was really interesting to hear about their journey and how they are working to make Bitcoin more accessible to people in South Africa.

I hope you enjoy this video and learn something new about Bitcoin in South Africa. Thank you for watching!

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