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After hosting the 10th annual Satoshi Roundtable in Dubai, Bruce Fenton speaks about the changes in the bitcoin ecosystem over the past decade and the similarities to the global changes and economic miracle of Dubai as both were seen as overly bold to the mainstream.

"Sheikh Mohammed's vision here in Dubai was unusually bold. He took something that was nothing and built something incredible by allowing human freedom and people to pursue their dreams and build."

Fenton observes that the world is in a Fourth Turning where there is radical and unpredictable global change.

"When I get frustrated with the world and I see the news headlines and the insanity and the craziness, I go back to this, I double down on our industry. I double down on the principles that brought me into the crypto business 10 years ago. The principles of decentralization, of empowering individuals over centralized tyrants, the principles of eliminating the corrupt and violent central banking system and fiat system which is so broken and destructive to all of us."

As we enter a new bull market with the participation of global leaders such as BlackRock, Fidelity and others, Fenton remarks, "I have said before, you will come for the Lambo's but you will stay for the decentralized revolution that will bring humanity peace."

As members of this industry we have a moral obligation to fix the broken fiat system and place the power back in the hands of the people.

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