Bond to Unbind - Bitcoin and El Salvador [full documentary]

Bond to Unbind is an experimental documentary that explores the relationship between the US-Dollar and El Salvador. By creating the Bitcoin Law and the world’s first Volcano Bond, this small Central American nation has made bold moves and shocked the establishment. This film is a timestamp and portrays the situation on the ground and a new generation of Salvadorans: Community organisers, farmers, doctors, journalists, artists, politicians and lawyers, ... and how they perceive the recent socio-economic changes on a daily basis.

In order of appearance:
Carlos Gil
Nelson Rauda Zablah
Enrique Berrios
Miguel Rubio
Carlos Carliño Toriello
Jorge Cruz
Mónica Taher
Gerardo Awad
Roman Martínez
Natalia Fernández
Gloriana Solano
Victor Yasbek
Raúl Guirola

Director and production - Tomer Kantor
Producer, additional footage, drone operator - Claudia C. Pedraza
Producer - Stephan Taylor
Music by - Jimi Parsad Orchestra
Colourist, on-line editor - Ofer Kantor
Animation - Joseph Balaclav
Animation Background - Miguel Rubio
Additional Footage, drone operator - Sr Alvarez
Location Assistant - Paola Gomez
Location Assistant - Chopa
Additional Footage (Bitcoin Smiles) - Enrique Berrios Claudia Zaldaña OKCOIN

Special Thanks goes to:
John Dennehy
Aaron Van Wirdum
Dominique Jeanpierre

Covana - El Zonte
Hope House - El Zonte
Hotel Amatechan - Panchimalco
Museo de Arte de El Salvador
Finca Las Veraneras - Ahuachapan
Adopting Bitcoin - San Salvador
LA Bitcoin Conference - San Salvador
Advancing Bitcoin - London

Nadia and Beata for all of your patience

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