Learning About Cold Therapy with Wyatt Ewing (WiM287)


In this episode, we discuss handling stressful situations, the short-term and long-term benefits of cold exposure, living an intentional lifestyle, and incorporating cold therapy into your life. 

Wyatt Ewing is the founder and CEO of Ice Barrel. 

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00:00:00 - Coming up
00:01:12 - Intro
00:02:45 - Secure Your Bitcoin Stash with The iCoin Hardware Wallet
00:03:42 - Do More with Your Digital Assets with Ledn
00:04:27 - Introducing Wyatt Ewing
00:05:10 - How Wyatt Got into Cold Therapy
00:08:45 - Developing the Ice Barrel Product
00:12:15 - The History of Cold and Contrast Therapy
00:15:06 - Contrast Therapy and its Benefits
00:16:32 - The Short-Term and Long-Term Benefits of Cold Therapy
00:18:31 - Resolving Anxiety
00:20:12 - Muscle Recovery
00:20:46 - Mood Improvements
00:21:21 - Comforts of the Modern Age
00:22:11 - Improving Sleep Quality and Longevity
00:25:01 - Take Control of Your Healthcare with CrowdHealth
00:26:03 - A Bitcoin Wallet with Privacy Built-In: Wasabi Wallet
00:26:38 - A Chance To Win Discounted Tickets to The Bitcoin 2023 Conference and 10M SATS
00:27:33 - Hold Bitcoin in the Most Secure Custody Model with Casa
00:28:21 - Handling Stressful Situations
00:31:05 - Incorporating Cold Therapy into Your Life
00:34:39 - Five Cold Therapy Protocols
00:36:57 - Mental Health and Wellness Tips
00:40:22 - Reinserting Control Over Yourself Through Hormetic Stress
00:43:35 - Living an Intentional Lifestyle
00:48:13 - Where to Find Wyatt’s Work

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